save millions mothers lives

The use of three components in condoms, catheter and saline water is one of the innovations that save millions mothers lives in the world. Currently it has spread to many regions of Asia and Africa, named as Suebas Method.

Many do not know that the inventor of this method, Dr. Sayeda Akhter, Following the name of this method, has named the method as the Suezas method. Recently, many international news agencies in the world including BBC Saheb’s method has saved the lives of millions of women. However, the inventor of this method Dr. Saeba did not come to talk at all.

Dr. Saaiba Nivatachari-Pramukhimukh doctor Because of this his method spread across the world but his name is discussed.

Nearly 17 years ago, Dr. Saaiba discovered this method when the abnormal bleeding of a mother in Dhaka Medical College Hospital was stopped. At that time he did not even think about how effective this procedure will be. Many countries of Asia and Africa limited in her method now.

UNICEF, the American Massachusetts General Hospital, World Vision, pathaphaindarasaha it has been associated with several international organizations.
A catheters, an ordinary condom and without the use of saline water in the three general things let loose Akhtar made his lifesaving kit. Although saving precious life, the cost of making these machines cost only 100!

Not only Bangladeshi, almost all in developing countries, maternal mortality is one of the world because of excessive bleeding after giving birth to the child. But a very low cost kit is easy solution of it. Various tests have shown that this kit has many success rates in treatment.

One mother died during pregnancy and childbirth every two minutes in the world. The biggest reason for this is the massive bleeding. And earlier it was an expensive ‘Ubti Kit’. Now, however, in developing countries, the kit is no longer needed.

Currently trained midwives use this kit for midwives. A nineteenth Nairobi mother of Nairobi in Kenya, A-Anne Mulling says, “We used to save some mothers by using this method. When a woman gets excess bleeding during childbirth, we stop bleeding after using it. ‘

Then insert the saline inside the catheters with syringes and condoms. The swelling of the uterus stops and the bleeding stops. ‘

On behalf of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, UK, in 2011 Saaba has awarded an honorary degree for this innovation. Since 2003, in many top-ranked medical journals the paper has published . He has received several international awards.

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