top 10 reasons why laravel is better

Laravel is a popular php frameworks now. As an open-source PHP web framework, Developers can start to develop a Laravel application in less minutes! It’s always a pleasant process. It gives the best tools and helpful approaches to help build website faster, more stable and very easy to maintain. We are discussing here about top 10 reasons why Laravel is better for web applications. Laravel is better for web applications for the following reasons

  1. High Security : The csrf token, routing, middleware of laravel are the super techniques, which requires a token for every request.
  2. Enhanced Performance
  3. Powerful Authentication
  4. Open Source & Powerful Community
  5. Blade Templating
  6. Database Migration
  7. MVC Architecture
  8. Object Oriented Libraries
  9. Easy Unit Testing
  10. Future-ready Apps
  11. Developer-friendly Code
  12. Easy Creating Multi-lingual Apps
  13. Faster development of web application.

There are many more reasons beside these top 10 reasons why laravel is better, but these are the most importants.

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