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Last month Facebook authorities have confirmed that several million accounts have been hacked . Cyber ​​miscreants have stolen personal information from these accounts. Facebook authorities have recently said that data from the total number of 29 million accounts in Facebook is unheard of.

Important information such as names, educational institutions, personal contact numbers are taken from these accounts.

Facebook authorities are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Central Intelligence Agency. Facebook is trying to find out if any other Facebook service has been hacked or what the hackers have done to Facebook. They are saying that those who have been hacked will be informed. What information is taken or what type of hacking they are being victimized will be communicated with the message. Facebook has not started talking yet. However, the accounts of those who are suspected to be unaffected, they can easily check the account:

First step: Open Facebook from desktop and go to Facebook Help Center. Help Center address https: //www.facebook. com / help / securitynotice

Step 2: Scroll down the page and ‘Is my Facebook account affected by the security issue?’ Find out the issue.

If the account is hacked, then it will be shown below the topic. There you will be told that some of your information has gone to hackers. But you will see a list of information that has not been stolen. Those who have good luck will not show any kind of messages.

How was the information stolen from Facebook? 
According to AFP news agency, at the end of last month, Facebook first reported that five million users of their data were unsuccessful. The data was captured by using Facebook security errors.

The hackers got the chance to attack Facebook through a feature called “View As”. Users see how their account looks to others through View Azage. It is known through the advantages of how Facebook friends see one. The users of the infected users are automatically logged out and get the login instructions again.

Detractors said that Facebook authorities could not give a clear idea about the users’ actions in these incidents. Apart from this, the cyber attack has not been able to find out who is involved in handling information about the incident. It is not known what kind of information was captured. But now the Facebook authorities claim, the amount of loss was low.

What is the use of these hacked data? 
Technology analysts say hacked information from Facebook is very valuable. If you can hack your Facebook data, you can earn money from the cyber miscreants. These information they sell on Dark Web.

Through some special software, such a blind web enters the information they buy. Security experts say the use of information stolen from Facebook can cause incidences like identity theft or blackmail, miscreants.

The Dark Web is selling virtual coins like Bitcoin, these account information. Depending on the importance of information, each account is sold at the price of 3 to 12 US dollars. The amount of data captured from Facebook, sold alone, can cost around 60 million US dollars.

Bic Kanner, Chief Executive Officer of the United States’ cyber security organization, said, “Dark Web personal information is very valuable. It is more important to take these information at any institution or state level.

According to an organization called Mani Gur, UK, many information is available on the Dark Web after the hacking incident. Various organizations use these information to buy and display advertisements.

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